• An immersive Art Experience

    'Where the wild things grow' is not just a dinner in a special place. Independent Chef Elise Calkoen (Lady Turkey), artist Carolien Wissing & curator Catherine van Lith have put together a special experience around the farm 't Hof ​​van Gunterstein. We offer you a journey full of sensory experiences.


    Will you join us on this immersive, down-to-earth countryside exploration?

  • What can you expect

    You will be welcomed on the farm with an aperitif and amuse bouche, followed by a walk to the old apple barn. As you go, you will walk in the trail of the typical Dutch Blaarkoppen and understand why they where so important for the old Dutch landscape and why they might become important again in the new. We make a small detour past the vegetable garden wich is just awake in early spring, but mind your step, you where about to put your feed on some herbs that might end up on your plate tonight. Once inside the barn, an amazing 5 courses is served. Prior to each course, a painting is highlighted, briging alive the story within. The courses that are served underline this story. Almost all ingredients are locally produced and carefully chosen on the 'no-waste' idea. The last course is the final piece and puts the previous works of art and dishes in perspective., to give you 'food for thought' as you will leave the barn on your way home.

  • When & Where

    Lentetafel / Spring table


    April 14/15 Dinner: 7-10 pm

    April 16 Lunch: 12-3 pm

    Location: Hof van Gunterstein, Breukelen

    Price:€ 99.50* including 1 welcome drink & wine pairing

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  • Carolien Wissing

    Carolien Wissing is an artist and organizer of art experiences and exhibitions. She exhibited her 'Art Venture' experiences during Over het IJ Festival, Art Rotterdam and the White Ball Spectacle. She exhibited as well at the Kunstrai, Art the Hague and the Amsterdam museum, next to Marlene Dumas.


    Carolien: 'I am interested to see whether individual works of art can combined can tell a larger story or indicate a direction in which the visitor can search and find depth. To me, painting is defining an invisible but perceptibly present tendency. This tendency is often personal and at the same time generic. I paint natural subjects to show the beauty, but also add alienating elements. I want to show and experience how we are tossed back and forth between natural forces and our own strengths and limitations.'

  • Elise Calkoen

    Elise Calkoen, alias 'Lady Turkey', is a chef and organizer of small events where 'no-waste' food at a long table plays a connecting role. Like the Bunker evenings (delicious dining at unusual locations) in The Hague? She has gained experience in Amsterdam at Kaagman & Kortekaas, Eat your Heart Out and Lab 111, among others.

    Elise: 'My style is International: sustainable, local products with a tasty trip abroad, the techniques of Europe with the deepening of the flavors and purity of Asia. Vegetables and healthy cooking are very important to me. I am always looking for new taste explosions, original combinations and for special places where I can bring these ingredients together to make a memorable moment with lasting impact.

  • Catherine van Lith

    After graduating in Art History, Catherine van Lith worked for years in the gallery world as a curator of exhibitions and art events, like the Art Venture editions she organized together with Carolien. A long desired travel period was interrupted by the arrival of Corona. Catherine decided to give her passion for travel and experience a different interpretation, closer to home.


    Catherine: 'Art, experiences and connections are always central to me. From this point of view, I want to offer people an exceptional moment, let them experience the world from a different perspective. The world is magical, also right under your feet, you don't have to fly to the other side of the world for that. My big goal is to let people break out of the worries of everyday life. To slow down and reconnect with nature and themselves, while having these unique experiences.'